Theatre in Moniaive.

Theatre is coming to GMI on Sunday May 22nd. There will be limited seating available, so please beware of that. For ticket sale and more information contact Wendy Stewart.

Council elections

Please not that the whole building is unavailable to the public on May 5th.

Baby massage and music

The class is organised byEarly Years Scotland and will be held in the hall at GMI between 10.30 am and 11.30 am. The lift will be available for prams and buggies, please remember to keep pushing the button inside the lift until the lift stops.


We’d appreciate it if bookings can be done by filling in the booking form online if possible.

Fire doors

All fire doors have been installed at GMI. They now have a self closing element and we ask you politely to keep the doors closed and not prop them open when leaving the building. Scaffolding will go up outside the building during the week of Monday April 18th 2022 and work will commence shortly after.