Glencairn Institute Committee Meeting: 13th November 2023

Notes taken by: Gina Gibellini

Attendance at Meeting

David CooperChair
Scott PetersonTreasurer
Kate HowardSecretary
Diane Hinton 
Gina GibelliniEvents/process
Susan RedpathEvents

Apologies: None

Agenda and Meeting Notes, Decisions

Minutes from last meeting: updated.                           
Matter arising: Moving Platform update – KH to chase Scott and David to look at Screwfix grant as deadline is imminent. Logan airline – Grant request submitted by SP – Awaiting decision.
Finance update
SP has had to re-submit documents to Santander for the 5th time.  If he does not get anywhere, he will let GG know and she will research CEO and Customer Service Director details to contact them directly.   Tim O’Sullivan – previous GMI treasurer is still making payments as and when SP requires him to.   Current bank balance is : £11,824.66 (as of 13/11/23 copy of bank statement provided by Tim O’Sullivan).   KH confirmed that current monthly outgoing are of £977 and taking at of £220 per week during term times.  Income lost during new heating system installation will be £450.   Pottery club – Mags Glasgow was approached by KH to suggest that they should apply for windfarm funds to support the club as electric cost is very high and it likely comes from the use of the kiln.  The cost is too much for GMI to support.   Community Council requested receipts for installation of GMI alarm as there is a windfarm funding audit.  KH redirected them to Tim O’Sullivan as previous treasurer.  No files were handed over to new Treasurer.  DC to ask installers for copy of invoice.   Invoicing Outstanding invoice of £170 from the Brownies is still outstanding.  KH is still chasing.Kate will work on invoicing to the Dumfries Council for the school use of the hall and connect with Wendy Davies from the school to understand the process.  Funding Logan airline application due on 31 October – Scott and David will submit asking for £1500 to help with heating.We are short of £500 to  pay the heating installation bill.  Community council declined our request for £500 windfarm fund as they view this not been suitable use of founds.   DC and SP to reply expressing our disappointment of this decision and question lack for actually guidelines on how the CC review such applications. Chris Dempster from Foundation Scotland has resigned.  DC will catch up with Debs Iden from Moniaive Initiative to discuss release of the rest of the funds.  Other Oil – currently £125 in debt.  The standing order needs to be increased to £125 instead of £100.  SP will contact Tim O’Sullivan to request this change.GG offered to check comparison site for electricity.  SP/DC to provide account number for GMI account with EON.
Stage update Stage is back at the GMI.  
Events update and consultation Memorial day event – turnover – £317.84 – Spent £153= profit of £164.84 – half to be pay to Erskine – Charity for veteransSt Andrews’ event – 2nd December evening – GG applied for drinks licence Wreath and afternoon tea workshop – 3rd December – GG applied for drinks licenceOutside Christmas tree decoration with primary school – DTBCCarol singing at the tree – 22rd December.
AOB   GG will contact Katie Mckenzie-Wilson to PAT test Kiln and Christmas lights.GG to email DC Christmas card list – we agreed to send to all groups and business within the village – GG to drop of the cards she already brought.  Committee agreed to get Keith Shaw Buckley cards.Snooker table – 2 bookings made since we advertised it.

Next Meeting   

Date6th December  2023Time12:30