Anja resigned from GMI as from Monday 22nd of May, as did Jan. Tim is also intending to officially resign. David Cooper (Chair) Kate Howard (taking over as secretary) will stay on.

Minutes March 2023

Minutes of the GMI meeting on Monday March 6th 2023  at 10 am at the Craigdarroch Hotel. Present: David, Tim, Jan and Anja Apologies: Kate. Snooker table: Tim informed the meeting that the cushions need to be replaced or repaired. The predicted cost will be around £1,500. David will get in touch with Lewis (builder) … Read more

Insurance update

No bouncy castles or portable electric heaters will be allowed to be used at GMI as GMI insurance will not cover these.

Financial Overview

Receipts and Payments Account Year ended 31st March 2022 Receipts 2021 2022 Hall Lets 0.00 1,704.00 Subscriptions 370.00 464.00 Fundraising 0.00 0.00 Donations 0.00 0.00 Bank Interest 18.00 8.00 Grants 10,000.00 19,242.55 Total 10,388.00 21,418.55 Payments 2021 2022 Rates, Insurance, Licenses 1,910.16 2,005.67 Repairs/Maintenance 0.00 2.412.23 Electricity/oil 2,461.84 1,890.03 Cleaning/Sundries 0.00 1,592.00 Office expenses 0.00 … Read more

Report of meeting on February 6th 2023

Minutes of GMI meeting on Monday February 6th at 10.30 am at The Craigdarroch Hotel. Alison Miles handed in her resignation for personal reasons. 1.Present Kate, Jan, Tim, Anja and David 2.The minutes of the previous were proposed to be correct by Tim and seconded by David.    Points arising from the previous meeting:    … Read more