Minutes October 14th 2022

Minutes of theCommittee meeting on Friday October 14th 2022 at 10.30 am at the Craigdarroch Hotel. Present                                Present Jan, Tim, David and Anja Apologies Alison Miles   1.Matters arising: none.   2.David and Anja will get together to look at the website and add pictures.   3.Anja will purchase varnish for the fire doors. Tim will provide the GMI … Read more


Glencairn Memorial Institute will hold its AGM on Thursday November 10th at 6.30 pm in the Committee Room at GMI. Please come and support this. We would like to add a couple of new members on our committee. We meet every month and meetings rarely take more than an hour. It would be great if … Read more

Wall Heaters

Wall heaters at GMI have been switched off to keep our energy prices down a bit. Hopefully the new boilers and extra radiators will be installed next month. The committee meeting will take place on Tuesday 13th September and we will discuss how the energy prices will affect GMI and how we can make sure … Read more

2022/2023 calendar

GMI will have a busy year ahead with bookings from various community groups as well as a wedding and a big party. Please check the calendar before booking a room.

Some calendar dates.

16th and 17th August: Drama Summerschool August 23rd: Conservative party surgery/David and Oliver Mundell September 1st: Moniaive Initiative/ information on Biosphere For more dates check our calendar.