The institute serves the Glencairn community…

…by providing a venue which includes a large hall, committee room, snooker room & pool room. These can be used by members or hired by groups or individuals – all at a reasonable cost.

Glencairn Memorial Institute

Welcome to the The Glencairn Memorial Institute, serving the community for generations. Host your club, event, class or meetings in the spacious and well equipped venue to support the charity to honour the sacrifice of many and continue to serve the Glencairn community

Current usage involves

Weekly Events

Playcare, Tango, Cairn Chorus, Guides and Brownies, Badminton, Yoga, Easy-obics, and various school activities on several days, table tennis and pottery, children’s dancing class.

Monthly Events

History Club, Community Council, and Institute Committee meetings.

Ad Hoc Meetings

The Under Fives, Glencairn and Tyron Horticultural Society, Cairn Chorus and Gala Committee.

Yearly Events

Duck Race, Flower Show, Moniaive Folk Festival, Book Sale, New Year’s Dance, Bluegrass Festival, Autoharp Weekend, Craft Fairs and Bluegrass Instrument Workshops.

Ad Hoc Usage

Snooker, badminton, table tennis, pottery classes, learning courses, private parties, elections and other events requiring a large hall or committee room.

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