Hire pricing

There is no charge for members to use the Institute for their personal leisure activities. However the area chosen must not have been already booked. On our booking page you can view our calendar of events.

Entire Building

£20 per hour

Hall + Kitchen

£17 per hour

Downstairs / Committee Room

£10 per hour

Billiards & Snooker

£5 per hour

Snooker Room

£10 per evening

Table Hire

By agreement with secretary

Fundraising & Community Events

By agreement with secretary

Private Parties

£60 per half day*^

Children’s Parties

£25 per half day*^

Windfarm Meetings

£300 per day

Polling Station

£300 per day

Weekend Hire

By agreement with the committee

* Returnable deposit may be required.
^ discounts available in special circumstances – contact the SecretaryThe minimum donations requested are given above, however the Committee reserves the right to amend these at its discretion. It should be noted that these charges do not cover the costs of operating the hall and we rely on support on our fund raising events, subscriptions, donations.  In respect of capital improvements these have been funded from grants and support from the community. It is our belief that the strong local support has been a major factor in being able to access the many different grants.