Report of meeting on February 6th 2023

Minutes of GMI meeting on Monday February 6th at 10.30 am at The Craigdarroch Hotel.

Alison Miles handed in her resignation for personal reasons.

1.Present Kate, Jan, Tim, Anja and David

2.The minutes of the previous were proposed to be correct by Tim and seconded by David.

   Points arising from the previous meeting:

   David expressed concerns about the reaction from the  communitiy about the decision of

   Doing away with the snooker table. Anja explained that the snooker table has not been            

   used since before Covid. Tim wilk talk to people in the pub and rather than a big

   announcement he thinks its better to let people know on the grapevine. He will consult

   with community members. Action: Tim

   David has not had time to put an article in the Gazette this time.

 3. Financial statement. Council didn’t pay GMI at all (two years of hire were paid since the

     Agreement plus £1300.- has  still to be paid in.

     Insurance gone up to £2.500-

     Invoices, Tim taking a note of invoices.

     The bank balance is now close to its reserve of £4000.-

4.  Painting of fire doors has not been done. A day was set for the Midterm holiday. Anja has 

      Bought paint, rollers, brushes and trays. Action Anja.

5.  Wall heaters: 3 wall heaters have stopped working.  Anja will get in touch with Ryan.

      Action Anja

6. David talked to Sosi, about match funding for the new boilers. We do not have the correct

     criteria and need to look elsewhere.

    Glenkens and district educational trust will be looked into.

    Anja suggests help from Third Sector . We need to more quotes from plumbers.

    Glencairn Community Windfarm Grants are not an option. Tim suggests that we apply     

    now and ask the community council to hold the application for the October allocation.

    Action Tim

8. Hire cost: Anja had informed the various kid’s groups that the hire of the hall will be £10.- 

    From January 1st 2023.

9. Membership : online membership has taken off, but people without access to

    the internet are not as easy to reach. David suggest a meeting night with an invited  

    speaker and to put a page into the Gazette. Anja will put printed forms in the shop.

    Action Anja

10. Renovations:a discussion followed about renovating the downstairs of GMI. Quotes for  

       Upgrading the ttoilets have been received. The discussion which followed included a

       Proposal to have a showerroom in the pool room toilets. Anja objected to this as she

       No need for a shower room at GMI. The majority of the committee proposed to

       Get in touch with Jock Murray to draw up a plan for downstairs. A grant would be

       needed to pay for these plans. Action David

       Kate suggested applying for a Big Lottery grant.

11. Bins: The council is currently refusing to lift the bins at GMI as we are a charity and

       Not paying council tax. We would need a contract with the council and pay for collection

       Technically we do get a council tax bill and then apply for redemption, which is then

       agreed. Action Anja

12. PAT testing is now due. David will set a date with Alistair. Action David.

13. A.O.B  committee room: clear out of cupboards, a date will be set in the Easter holidays.  

       There are a lot of things to be thrown out, stage can go upstairs in a cage.

       Table tennis tables are now rarely used. Anja will ask Senga to transport them


       Kate wedding asked about cutlery and crockery for a forth coming wedding celebrations

       As she will be catering for this. Anja proposed that the couple look into hire from a

       Company as there is no room in the cupboards for more crockery. Action Kate

14. Date of next meeting:  Monday 6 th. March 2023. 10.00am

       Craigdarroch Hotel.