Report on the AGM

AGM Nov.17th/2022/18.30 pm at GMI committee room.

Welcome by David, who also introduced and welcomed Jan McFadzean as our most recent

committee member.

Minutes proposed and seconded Tim Lynn

Chair’s report: see email

Financial report: see email

Member’s questions:     ( 14 months since last AGM)

  1. Mrs. Smith asked whether GMI should apply to become a ‘warm’ space. A brief discussion followed and it was decided that GMI would not be an ideal place for this as its used by many local groups during the week.
  2. Wendy Stewart asked if the school uses the building on a regular basis. Anja answered that the council pays GMI for the use of the hall for p.e and that the school therefore can use the building free when needed. It was noted that no payment has been received from the council in 2022.
  3. Answering a general question about a new heating system, David informed the meeting that trades people are difficult to get at the moment, but that the Plumber will keep quote plus carry out work once the grant has come through.
  4. Bookings. Wendy Stewart asked how often GMI is booked every week. Anja replied that, by looking at the online calendar the public could see that the building is booked every day of the week and occasional weekends.
  5. Kate asked whether GMI could apply for match funding. (CCWF) for the new heating system. Tim said he’d look into that.
  6. Refurbishment of toilets. David informed the members that GMI is looking into applying for a grant for the refurbishment of the toilets. The quote for this is around £20.000- GMI was told to finish the ongoing projects before being able to apply for grants for the upgrade of toilets.
  7. Mrs. Smith mentioned that the lift is not always working. She suggested to ask each group using the building would have a dedicated lift operator. Paul, thought that this would be difficult to organise. The committee will discuss this matter in the future. Anja explained that wedges and heavy loads going over the threshold can damage the lift.

Wendy suggested to put a warning the website reminding people of this and to write a short article for the Gazette. The committee thought it to be an excellent idea and Anja will follow up on this. Anja will look into adding the above to the booking form on the website as well.

The meeting was taken over by Paul Lyttle at this point as the committee stood down.

Paul thanked the committee for all their hard work and Lynn for keeping the building clean and tidy.

 Paul asked the committee if they would stand for another year, to which the whole    agreed.                   

Paul:  Propose and second…..  David- p. Wendy and LynnDavid Cooper , Anja Lyttle, Alison Miles, Jan MCFadzean and Tim OSullivan were proposed by Wendy Stewart and seconded by Lynn Grams.

 Kate Howard volunteered to come on to the committee, Anja proposed she would be accepted and this was seconded by Wendy Stewart. Paul then closed the meeting, reminding the new committee to stay behind to elect the office bearers.

David Cooper: Chair

Tim OSullivan : Treasurer

Anja L:yttle: Secretary

Committee members: Jan Mc.Fadzean and Kate Howard