Minutes October 14th 2022

Minutes of theCommittee meeting on Friday October 14th 2022 at 10.30 am at the Craigdarroch Hotel.


Present Jan, Tim, David and Anja

Apologies Alison Miles

  1.Matters arising: none.

  2.David and Anja will get together to look at the website and add pictures.

  3.Anja will purchase varnish for the fire doors. Tim will provide the GMI bankcard for payment. A date will be set, probably in the second week of the October break.

  4.Grants and payments:

  There currently is £8754.- in  the GMI account.

   Tim suggested he will get in touch with MI to bring Jenni Smith back for a day, paid by GMI. Grants have to be activated and Jenni had to leave the committee abruptly for personal reasons. Meanwhile Anja will try and work out details of grants and dates when they were allocated and provide Tim with the information, so that steps can be taken to get money transferred into the GMI account.

Waugh has not sent an invoice to date and the grant allocated for building work will need to be in our account asap.

  5.Heating:Complaints have been made about the lack of heat in the hall. 

Tim suspects that the pump is not working and Anja will contact a plumber to come asap to sort this out.

   6: DG council has not paid for the hire of the hall for school p.e and Anja will contact the school to ask what’s happening

  • GMI committee will need to be on the look out for new members. Tim suggested approaching some of the hall users to join the committee as they would be able to bring in some new ideas.
  • Anja has approached the pottery and requested that they will be thoughtful of the expense of running their electric heater and kiln.
  • David is looking into wifi provision.
  •  Anja will advertise the AGM, which will be held on Thursday November 17th at 18.30 in the Committee room. She will send invitations by email to members. Moniaive Initiative and the Community Council.
  • A.O.B Anja informed the committee that a fundraising event (Christmas Craft Market) will be held in November, profits will go to GMI. Anja proposed that the proceeds will be kept separate for the purchase of cutlery etc if needed.
  • Next meeting: AGM