Chair’s Report – AGM of the Glencairn Memorial Institute, Chapel Street, Moniaive (7.30pm – 13.09.2023)


It is hard to believe that it is barely a year since the Hall was tentatively beginning to reopen following the Government’s enforced closures.

It is fair to say that the Hall is now running pretty much as it was before the shutdown. 

From the Management Committee’s point of view, probably the main source of concern is the huge increase in energy costs that we are seeing. (Both electricity and oil).

£1,890 in financial year ending March 2022

£5,810 in financial year ending March 2023

(It probably should be noted however that energy costs in the year ending March 2021 were £2,461). What this means is that the March 2022 figures were during the year of enforced closures when the building was not being used. However, this cost increase is a grave concern and in light of this, the committee are reviewing their pricing structures. 

We are continuing to seek funding for the planned heating upgrade – and have received a revised cost estimate from Nithsdale Plumbing and Heating in July. A grant request was submitted to the National Lottery, (Awards for All), Scotland for £5,000 having already lined-up the majority £15,000+ bulk of the money required with ANCBC and The Garfield Weston Foundation. The Awards for All decision is expected at the end of this month. 

The committee are planning to organise a slightly belated ‘Centenary’ Open Afternoon celebration and commemoration on Remembrance Day, which happens to fall on a Saturday this year. This seems a fitting moment to remember and honour all those people from Glencairn and surrounding parishes whose names are on display on either side of the Hall Entrance. I believe that the actual year of purchase of the Hall – for the benefit of this community – as a living memorial and a legacy for the future was in 1921. One hundred years later in 2021 the building was sadly closed for use. A Remembrance Open Afternoon will provide an opportunity to reflect and remember the actual “cost” of this Memorial Hall, the enormous sacrifices that were made and the foresight to provide this facility for future generations.

At tonight’s meeting, we hope that you will welcome a new constellation of committee members and that you can support us in going forward.

Thank you.

David Cooper – Chair – GMI