The AGM of the Glencairn Memorial Institute

Wednesday 13th September, 2023 in the GMI Committee Room

There were 10 members present.

Tim O Sullivan resigned as treasurer and bank signatory prior to the meeting starting.

Welcome by the chair David Cooper, who also introduced and welcomed Scott Peterson as our most recent committee member. Scott will take over as treasurer and bank signatory from Tim O Sullivan.

Apologies from Deb Iden, Hugh and Moira Taylor and Wendy Stewart. Wendy passed on how much she values the Institute and extends her thanks to the committee.

Matter arising from the Minutes – The lift is an ongoing issue. It is serviced each year. It was agreed that new hirers need to be shown how to use the lift and we recommend that disabled and elderly people have someone accompany them.

Minutes proposed by Lyn Grams and seconded by Liz Wyly

Chairs Report: See attached document

A point was raised from the Chairs report by Rev Mark Smith.

The GMI plan to have a series of open afternoons one of which would be on Saturday November 11th. Rev Mark Smith pointed out that plans had begun with the church and Graeme Watson to prepare a commemoration day in the village and that the GMI would be invited to join in with any planning.

Secretary’s report: See attached document. Thanks were given to Anja Lyttle the outgoing secretary and bank signatory who had resigned on May 22nd this year. She had been an Institute committee member for many years and had worked hard to secure vital funds for the Institute as well as being very involved in the day to day running of the building.

Financial report – No written report was given by the outgoing treasurer Tim O Sullivan. David Cooper discussed the Receipts and Payments Account document – Year ended 31st March 2023. See attached.  It was apparent that the utility services had increased dramatically and our monthly electricity bills range from £750 to £950 per month depending on use.

Thanks were given to Tim O Sullivan for 7 years of service to the Institute in his role as treasurer.

Members questions:

  1. Duncan Saunderson asked whether we were planning to become a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) as he had concerns about this.  A SCIO removed the needs for trustees and puts more decision making power in the hands of its members. Rev Mark Smith pointed out that many village Halls and Institutions were going down this route. The committee assured him that they were working closely with Third Sector in Dumfries and Deb Iden from Moniaive Initiative to gather information and to see if this was the best option for the Institute. This led into a short discussion about the need to update all important documents such as the constitution. This is also in process.
  2. Rev Mark Smith asked what was happening with the snooker table and the use of the middle ground floor space of the Institute. The secretary Kate Howard spoke briefly about the history of the snooker table, that it was gifted for the use of the community by soldiers after WW1. However, it has been hardly used over the last ten years and has brought in very little funds. The former two committees had been repeatedly asked to create a bigger downstairs space and several groups had now left the Institute to use other venues. This was a loss of revenue for the Institute. The former committee had unanimously agreed to sell or to rehome the snooker table but this was met with opposition. A snooker club was formed by Kevin Neil and Johnny Payne. The Club submitted a proposal to the secretary of the GMI. They have asked for three nights a week at £200 per year. The GMI committee met and offered a three month trial at current snooker table hire rates whilst public consultation begins into the use of the downstairs of the building. The Institute urgently needs new toilets but the committee was unable to begin fundraising for these until the other funded projects are complete. We felt it was appropriate to look at the layout of the downstairs as a whole and it is planned to appoint an architect to draw up any potential plans.

The meeting was then taken over by Stewart Cooke. At this point the present committee stood down. Stewart thanked the committee for their hard work.

Stewart asked each committee member individually whether they would stand for another year. Each sitting member agreed.

Scott Peterson, David Cooper and Kate Howard were proposed by Diane Hinton and seconded by Keith Hinton.

Stewart asked if any members would like to join the committee. Diane Hinton volunteered. Katie McKensie proposed and Lynn Grams seconded.

Stewart then welcomed Rev Mark Smith as a new trustee

Katie McKensie Proposed and Lyn Grams seconded.

Stewart then closed the meeting.