GMI Meeting Tuesday 29/03/22 at the Craigdarroch Hotel, Moniaive

Apologies Alison and David,

Present Tim, Jenni, Anja

1.Welcome- Tim

2.Matters arising:

Certificate: Ryan Johnston -electrician- has now signed off the paperwork for the electrical work done at GMI.

Banking : progress has been made to sort out the bank account. Tim, David and Anja will be signatures for the account.

Button on website… Tim to be contacted by Karl about details for an added buttons,so that accounts can be added to the website.

Fire alarm, CCWF allocated funding for a fire alarm, smoke and heat detectors. Moffat fire safety (Annan) have been contacted to carry out the work, which will be carried out as soon as they have a space to fir GMI into their work schedule.

Application for heating has been submitted to ANCBC. The money to be used for two new boilers and additional radiators.

Membership: The February membership drive has been reasonably successful, we now have an additional 30 members.

Invoices : have been sent out to various groups and individual hire.

Builder: Tim has received the invoices from the builder and will organise payment. Indoor work is expected to start on Monday April 4th 2022, outdorr work will commence on April 18th2022.

Theatre license: The application for a short term theatre license has been submitted. Tim will make sure that payment will be done asap. A longer term license will now be applied for. Drama and Dance will contribute to the cost of £50.- for 3 years. Any other groups which need a license will be asked to contribute towards the cost. Anja will contact Theatre and Dance teachers to ask if they can put the end of term show forward to coincide with the Theatre group in the week of the 22nd of May, the longer term license will not come through until the summer.

Committee member: Jenni Smith offered to join the GMI committee, she was welcomed by Tim and Anja.

Fire checks/log books : Tim proposed that fire checks will be done on a monthly basis after the new fire alarm is installed. The proposal was accepted unanimously.

Oil: Anja proposed that she will phone Allison and Hunter every 4 weeks to fill up the oil tank. David has now bought a lock and CCTV stickers for the oil tank.

Committee Room Cupboard: Anja proposed to go through everything left in the large cupboard. Many items may need to be thrown out.

Tesco fund : Tim is dealing with the paperwork involved to receive Tesco funding for new games for GMI. (we were allocated £500.-)


Toilets: Jenni will get in touch with the builders for a quote to change the plan for toilets . One suggestion was made to swap the ladies’ toilets with the gents toilets as there are very few ladies toilets. Another suggestion is to get unisex toilets to save space. 

Tim proposed to also have a look for a space for a shower. A shower would be used by the community (eg after sports) and campers. This proposal was accepted to be put before the builder when he comes this coming Monday.

Note: This meeting was minuted as an informal meeting because two committee members were not able to attend. It was decided to go ahead as there are many things happening and it is necessary for this committee to be updated on a regular basis.

Proposed date for the next meeting: May 3rd at 9.30 at the Craigdarroch Hotel.

Business plan: The agreement between Moniaive Initiative and GMI requires a business plan. Jenni will get in touch with the committee to get input from