Minutes March 2023

Minutes of the GMI meeting on Monday March 6th 2023  at 10 am at the Craigdarroch Hotel.

Present: David, Tim, Jan and Anja

Apologies: Kate.

  1. Matters arising

Snooker table: Tim informed the meeting that the cushions need to be replaced or repaired. The predicted cost will be around £1,500. David will get in touch with Lewis (builder) to ask if he still wants the table. The snooker table has still not been used. Action David

Gazette. David has not been in touch with the Gazette, but will write an update for the next issue, which will come out in April. Action David.

Fire doors: Anja painted the two fire doors downstairs, they have now had one coat of whit silk finish paint. Dicky Fusco and the youth club will do a second coat. Anja will purchase paints etc. with the GMI cash from the craft market fund raiser.

Wall heaters: Anja informed the committee that three wall heaters are not working.

Anja will ask Ryan Johnston (electrician) to have a look. Action Anja

Oil ran out and Anja ordered 500 litres.  Tim will change the timer to once a day between 4 pm and 8 pm. The choir and any groups using the building after 8 pm can override the system.

Update on grants: Moniaive Initiative is helping the committee sort out the grant situation. We will need match funding to install new boilers. Anja and David will meet with Deb Iden. Action Anja and David

Renovations. The majority of the committee want to go ahead with drawing up plans for the refurbishment downstairs, including a toilet. This kind of refurbishment will need a large grant. Anja pointed out that a shower is not needed as much as extra toilets and that toilet refurbishment needs to take priority. J.Murray had been approached but is not available to draw up plans.

Membership. Anja has sent out emails to previous members, many have applied online. David suggested putting a membership form in the Gazette. Action Anja

Bin collection. It was decided that the bins will be put out in front of Duncan’s house for now. Tim suggested to hire bins when needed.

PAT testing. David will organise a date and time with Alasdair. Action David

Table tennis tables. Senga will organise for the tables to be returned to table tennis Scotland, unless the community will start using them.

Wedding catering. Tim pointed out that it’s not our job to cater or be responsible for crockery and cutlery.

  • Financial report. Insurance has now increased to £2,000.00 per year. To date there is £3,4515.06 in the bank.
  • Youth club. One of the aims of the Youth club is involvement with the community. Anja suggested asking them to help with practical work when needed.
  • Constitution. Anja has been in touch with Third sector. She will have a meeting with them to take steps to make changes. Action Anja
  • There was no A.O.B.
  • Date of next meeting: Tuesday April 4th 2023 at 10.30 am at the Craigdarroch Hotel.