Minutes April 4th 2023

Meeting of GMI Committee on Tuesday yApril 4th 2023 at 10.30 am at the Craigdarroch Hotel Moniaive.

1 Present: Tim, David and Anja, apologies Kate and Jan. As we have a quorum the meeting   will go ahead.

2. The minutes were proposed by David and seconded by Tim.

3. Financial Statement (see print outs). Bank:  £2, 35.58 Electricity bill for February is £904.- Tim mentioned that we should be able to get part of this money back from Government support.

Deb Iden, who is helping us with a grant application for new boilers etc asked the committee to look into grants received and accounts settled with trades people. According to Tim everything was paid on completion of work done.

The Tesco grant was received. David suggested to buy Pickle ball. Senga is hoping to organise a   New Age Curling.game.

4. Grant proposal- Deb  as above.(point 3).

5. Anja met with Jeanna at Third Sector.  Anja proposed we make changes,to the constitution with help from Third sector. Anja, David and Jeanna will meet and work on the constitution, Anja will then forward the draft to the committee members and on approval of proposed constitution by the whole the committee,  an EGM will be called.

6. GMI Fence. Stewart is buying a new gate. As the old one was taken away without permission from the GMI . Tim explained that Stewart and Scott are now parking their car on the shared access.  Stewart and Scott have agreed to paint all gates and fences at GMI in exchange of being able to put gravel down and park their cars on shared access. Tim will remind Stewart.

7. Heating, there will be no oil delivery until after the summer. The electric wall heaters are working, all bar three. Mr. Costello, offered a meter to measure the amount of oil in the tank.

Tim to get in touch with local plumber, Paul, Beautyman, to renew controls for time being.

(until new boilers are installed).

8. Security.: Anja proposes to get a grant from CC. Tim does not think we need it. Proposal rejected.

9.Gazette: David, page 1 of GMI report is in the Gazette. Membership fee for next issue.

A.O.B. Snookerroom, Repair café would like to use the room for fixing bikes and larger items. David been in touch with Lewis Murray. About taking the table.  David will follow this up.

Fire: Moffat 6 monthly service £180.- plus vat. To go ahead. Check emergency lighting if batteries still work. David to go ahead.

BT put charges up. There is a phone. Phone calls are free. Phone to be put into GMI.

Dicky to paint firedoors with the youth group.

Next meeting after the constitution proposal has been completed. The committee will keep in touch by email until then.

Date of next meeting: wait till a meeting has taken place with Jeanna about the constitution.