Minutes 7/6/2022

Minutes June 7th 2022

Apologies Alison, Jan and Jenni

Present: Tim, David and Anja

  1. Moffat completed the fire alarms. Tim will pay the invoice. David has all the instructions and will check the system regularly and report this in the logbook.
  2. Waugh’s building update: Work is still in progress. Stewart Cooke has been in touch with Tim and Anja about the lack of progress. Anja will get in touch with Waugh to clarify this matter. Problems with flashing and a chimney pot were discovered and it was agreed that the necessary extra work would be paid for by GMI. (£1000.-)   Quotes for upgrading toilets and some damp proofing internally were received and came to around £20.000- Jenni is now dealing with a grant application for this.
  3. A three year license for theatre and shows has been received and is now on display in the hall. The license is in Anja’s name.
  4. Financial report will be circulated to committee members asap. Banking: David and Tim are now on the account, Anja still to be processed. David offered to take Anja’s ID into Santander.
  5. Website updates: an extra button has not been added as yet. Anja will follow this up with Carl. OSCA requested to have Agenda, Minutes, Finance and Constitution on the same page under the heading of ‘Governance’.  
  6. A grant for two new boilers has been allocated. Plumbers are aiming to start the work in October, during school holidays.
  7.   Boyds are coming on the 14th June to check fire extinguishers. Stannah will let us know.when the lift service is due.

 8.  Invoices have been sent off to stand alone users and will be send to regular group users at the end of June..

 9.  MI/GMI partnership, the agreement was signed by Anja and sent back to MI.

 10. Update on loft insulation: Duncan said loft is insulated, but not the kitchen. ATim suggested we ask the plumber for advise on this. Jenni has  put the application on 

hold for now. 

11. Security system: there is a problem with some cameras not being connected to the computer. Anja will try again and ask for help in our community.

 12. Painting of firedoors. Anja suggested varnishing the firedoors and will research water based varnish. The aim is to complete this work in the summer, when the building is not in use. Tim suggested a solution for protection of kid’s fingers being cat the hinge end of the fire doors, by putting on a plastic moveable protection on the hinges, as one of the kid’s group leaders expressed concern about fingers being trapped. Tim will follow this up.

13. During an inspection of the kitchen, Anja found that the cutlery drawers are almost emptyTim will order cutlery (Anja to let him know how much). It was decided to suggest to wedding and larger parties to hire crockery, wine glasses and table cloths, rather than GMI buying more. This partly because there is not enough storage and partly because things have a habit of disappearing. Anja asked if we still keep to the no deposit rule, it was agreed that this was the best option for GMI.

14. AOB none

15. There will be no meeting until the first Tuesday in September, date to be confirmed. Anja will keep a record of any messenging and email trails and compile this into a short report.