Minutes 19.7.2023

GMI Minutes – July 19th 2023

Present : David Cooper – Chair, Scott Peterson – Treasurer,

Kate Howard – Secretary

  1. A new date was set for the AGM – Wednesday September 13th 7.30pm Committee Room GMI. Kate to amend the website and social media
  2. Keys – Kate to check that the whereabouts of all the keys for the GMI. We agreed to fit a padlock with a key code to the key box for ease of access in an emergency. David to look into
  3. Cleaning – The Institute has been beautifully cleaned by our wonderful Lyn and the outside grounds maintained by Gordon. We are so grateful for their work and dedication to the Institute. We decided to hold a monthly deep clean to get to areas that are not regularly cleaned and invite members of the community to help.
  4. Cooker – There has been an ongoing problem with the cooker. When both stoves and the hob are put on it can fuse the box downstairs in the pottery.  It has happened several times on different community events.  Craig the electrician did a full inspection of the oven and could not find fault so he has agreed to be on stand by for larger events such as weddings where the oven use is needed.
  5. Petty Cash – We have £105 in petty cash. David has given £55 to       Kate and £50 to Scott along with a Petty Cash note book each. This money is for use for sundries such as cleaning items, keys cut etc. Kate to pass on this info to Lyn.
  6. Internet – David has sourced a new Internet provider which is Talk Talk. It was cheaper costing £28.14 per month including VAT and is fibre so hopefully will provide a quicker service. The box is held in the Committee room and Kate has placed notices with the new pass words etc around the building.
  7. Heating Upgrade – The GMI had an estimate for replacing the boiler in 2021. At the time due to Covid we didn’t have to get multiple quotes. Now that time has passed and the estimate for work has risen. We have a £5000 shortfall despite funding. David has been working with Deb Iden from Moniaive Initiative to secure the final funding and all being well work on the new heating system will start in October. It will be a single unit that can be remote controlled.
  8. Oil – We agreed to set up a monthly direct debit with Allison and Hunter for oil. Kate to look into
  9. Constitution – Scott to look at the constitution which is need of updating and David to continue to work with Third Sector on this matter.

10.Fire Officer – David has agreed to be the GMI fire officer. The fire extinguishers and alarms have a yearly inspection.

11.Website – Kate has had some basic training on how to use the website from Carl Warrant who built our new website. The committee agreed that there was a need for a separate calendar page which is hidden in the booking page at the moment. 12.Members – Kate to look into level of membership and to advertise for new committee members.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 15th August 7.30pm Committee room GMI