GMI meeting May 10th 2022

Minutes of GMI meeting at The Craigdarroch Hotel Moniaive, Tuesday May 10th at 10.30 am

Apologies. David and Alison

Present: Tim O’Sullivan, Jenni Smith, Jan McFadzean and Anja Lyttle.

Secretary’s report: Moffat fire security:  The fire and heat detectors have now been installed. To settle the system the engineers will be back on Friday 13th of May.

Waugh (builders): The builders have almost completed the scaffolding, work will commence on Monday May 16th and will take between 3 and 4 weeks. Work includes repairing the back wall and redecorating and repointing the side wall and redecorating this. Neighbours have been very accommodating by letting the builders use their garden, with the understanding that work will start no earlier, than 8.45 am.

Theatre License: Both the short term and 3-year licenses have been applied/paid for. Anja will get in touch with DG council to check everything is ok.

Committee Member:  We welcome Jan McFadzean as our new committee member.     

Oil Delivery: Anja has ordered oil and this was delivered at the end of April. It was agreed to get one more delivery until September and that the heating will be switched off at the end of May.

Bin Twinning: The badminton group kindly offered to pay for a twin binning scheme. The money will be used to help an African village to collect rubbish and recycle plastics and paper. A small ceremony took place.

Website updates: Anja has continued updating the website with news. Karl kindly spent a two hour slot, free of charge, training Anja and David to put columns and photographs on the website. Jenni will be in touch with Carl about adding a button for the annual financial report, required by funders.

Hire: the building is busy during the week and recently the whole building was booked by a wedding party, an anniversary party and a children’s party.

Jenni: We are waiting for the grant for plumbing to be put into the account. The money will be used for two new boilers, one to serve downstairs and one to serve upstairs, as well as additional radiators.

The quote for taking out a wall at the gent’s toilets and installing a disabled toilet and 3 ladies’ toilets plus upgrading one of the other toilets would come to around £20.000-

A grant application for building work to improve toilets and treating some dampness inside the building will be applied for to the CC , following the advise of ANCBC.

Treasurer: Because of Tim’s involvement with the folk festival, there are no new developments with the banking situation.

A.O.B a new contract with Moniaive Initiative needs to be signed by GMI. Anja will print this and fill in details.

A short discussion about loft insulation commenced and a grant awill be applied  for in the near future.

  • Date for next meeting: June 7th at 10.30 am at the Craigdarroch Hotel.