AGM 2021

Minutes of The AGM, Glencairn Memorial Institute, on Tuesday September 14th  2021 at 7.30 in the Hall. (GMI)


David Cooper (Chair)

Tim O’Sullivan (Treasurer)

Anja Lyttle (Secretary)

Jenni Smith (liaison Moniaive Initiative)

Apologies Alison Miles.


Ian (?)

Stephen Maxwell

Lynn Grams

Sue grant

Stewart Cooke

  1. David Cooper welcomed everyone to the AGM.
  2. Apologies (as above)
  3. The chair’s report (see separate document)
  4. Treasurer’s report (see separate document.
  5. Secretary’s  report:  During Lockdown the whole building has been closed for bookings. It has recently been opened up with a disclaimer in place. A QR is also in place, as well as wipes and hand sanitiser.
  6. It was decided not to vote on a constitutional change at this time as alternatives would need to be in place.
  7. The committee stood down at this point and Sue Grant took over chairing the meeting.

The committee unanimously stood for re-election and were duly re-instated. Although unusual during an AGM the  new committee decided to keep the posts as previous.

  • David Cooper thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.